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Adjustable electro stimulating probe

Neurosoft Company has started the delivery of new adjustable electro stimulating probe developed by our design engineers.

This easy-to-use probe allows you to carry out all the necessary actions holding the device in one hand.

Press the buttons on the front panel and start either single or rhythmical stimulation.

Turning the wheel under the stimulation start buttons, adjust the pulse amplitude.

Switch the polarity by the buttons on the side panel. The active electrode is indicated by the LEDs on the front panel.

Press the side button and change the angle (5 positions in 30° increments).

Put the steel stimulation point in another socket and change the distance.

With the new adjustable electro stimulating probe you will improve and fasten EMG checkup process. We hope our users will appreciate this achievement!

You can operate the buttons and wheel of the adjustable electro stimulating probe only with the following Neurosoft devices: Neuro-MEP-8, Neuro-MEP-4, Neuro-EMG, Neuron-Spectrum-5, Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM. If you have some other Neurosoft device, the new adjustable electro stimulating probe works as usual probe without control functions.

It is recommended to buy the adjustable electro stimulating probe along with our EMG systems or in addition to them (if you have already bought our EMG systems).

Publication date: June 5, 2008

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Updated 05.06.2008
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