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On May 4-8, Neurosoft Company took part in the 13th European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology in Istanbul (Turkey). More than 1000 visitors from many countries came to the Congress.

Within the Congress the exhibition took place where Neurosoft achievements in neurophysiology were demonstrated: Neuro-MEP-8 and Neuro-MEP-Micro digital EMG systems, Neuro-Audio and Neuro-Audio-Screen digital OAE systems, Neuron-Spectrum-5 digital EEG systems as well as our recent development — Neuro-MS/D, magnetic stimulator of increased power with coil cooling unit.

During the Congress Sergey G. Nikolaev, our Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology presented his scientific poster report “Orthodromic Inching Technique in Topical Diagnostics of Carpal Tunnel”. (1.40 MB)

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Publication date: May 15, 2008

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