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Only one Russian Company — Neurosoft took part in Hospitalar, the largest exhibition of medical equipment in Latin America.

Hospitalar takes place in Sao Paolo (Brazil) every year. It is a really large medical exhibition which can be compared with the largest exhibition “Zdravookhraneniye” in Moscow.

Some statistics: This year 1000 companies from 30 countries were exhibited in 5 halls. 76000 visitors came to this show. 7 companies presented neurophysiological equipment.

Our participation came pat to the occasion. Only two weeks ago the procedure of registration of Neurosoft equipment in Brazil which had been lasting for nearly a year was finished. We got the certificates which allow selling our devices freely on the territory of Brazil.

Doctor M. A. Marcolin, the famous scientist, became one of the visitors of our stand. He is an author of the book “Transcranial Brain Stimulation fro Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders” which you can bought in the publishing company Doctor Marcolin has experience in working with our magnetic stimulator and speaks well about it.

Photo-report from the Exhibition

The day before the exhibition we gave a master-class for brazilian specialists in myography in Sao Paolo. Our colleagues — Dr. L. Clemente, S. Pereira Rolin, Dr. Carlos Otto Heise took part in this master-class.

Photo-report from the master-class

In 10 days after Hospitalar exhibition in Sao Paolo the Paulista Congress of Neurology took place which attracted more than 600 Neurologists. Within the congress such devices as Neuro-MEP-Micro, Neuron-Spectrum-5 and Neuro-MS manufactured by Neurosoft Company were demonstrated. And they got very good reception from the public. Besides, our EMG equipment was the only one that could perform sensory nerve conduction on site, without the use of ground and only with the batteries of the Notebook.

Photo-report from the congress

We especially thank our Brazilian partner — Edrin Claro de Olivera Vicente for a brilliant organization of this event.

Publication date: June 29, 2007

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