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The 4th National Symposium on EMG which took place in Sao Paolo last week was visited by more than 150 neurophysiologists from all over Brazil (

Neurosoft no Brazil company was one of the sponsors of this meeting. Within the frames of the symposium the exhibition where we showed our Neuro-MEP-Micro and Neuro-MS devices took place. Many specialists who visited the exhibition gave high appreciation to the quality of our medical equipment. Some of them were surprised at Neuro-MEP-Micro dimensions and continued asking “And where is the amplifier? And where is the stimulator? And how is it connected to the power supply?”

Among the most famous visitors of our stand who spoke highly of our devices were:

  • Mario W. I. Brotto, Chief of the EMG sector of the Neurology department at the Clinics Hospital of the University of Sao Paulo Medical School
  • Tae Mo Chung, from the Physical medicine department of the same medical school
  • Pedro Tannous (responsible for the EMG department of Heliopolis Hospital, a large public hospital in Sao Paulo)
  • Jose Luis Alonso-Nieto and Margareth Reiko (organizers of the meeting and chief neurophysiologists of State Public server’s Hospital)
  • Ceme Ferreira Jordy
  • Alfredo T. Castellon
  • Armando Pereira Carneiro
  • Jose Antonio Garbino
    and many others

We thank the organizers of the symposium and all our Brazilian colleagues for the organization and successful holding of this event.

We invite all the people of South America interested in our production to visit the following events which we are planning to hold in Brazil in the nearest future:


Publication date: May 7, 2007

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