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Auditory stimulator (headphones) TDH-39

Since May 2007 we begin to supply the auditory stimulator (headphones) TDH-39 with Neuro-Audio and Neuro-MEP devices.

TDH-39 is the most popular model of headphones in the world for study of auditory evoked potentials.

We supply headphones TDH-39 with the following devices:

If you already use one of the mentioned devices and would like to get headphones TDH-39 we suggest buying them separately.

The manufacturer suggests the option — double pediatric headband (we do not supply them yet).


Main specifications of headphones TDH-39:

Receiver typeDynamic, with metal diaphragm
Impedance10 Ω
Frequency response100 Hz to 8000 Hz
Continuous power rating300 mW at any single frequency in the 100 Hz до 8000 Hz range
DistortionLess than 1% for power inputs from 0 to 400 mW
Sensitivity108 dB + 4 dB SPL Output with 1 mW watt input at 1 KHz
Bandpass flatness
• in the band from 100 up to 4000 HzNot more than 6 dB
• in the band from 100 up to 8000 HzNot more than 14 dB

Publication date: May 4, 2007

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Updated 04.05.2007
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