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Since April 2007 Neurosoft Company begins to supply the modified footswitch for our EMG-systems.

The footswitch can be used with any device manufactured by Neurosoft Company and operated by Neuro-MEP software.

3 (three) switches of the device are made by .steute company (Germany), the leading manufacturer of footswitches for medical equipment in the world. The switches are notable for their high reliability and wear resistance. The manufacturer guarantees 1 000 000 pressings for one switch. The use of the footswitch simplifies greatly the process of EMG study. The footswitch makes it possible to start the stimulation or to stop it with or without saving the results. At that the hands are free for the manipulations with electrodes and control of other operating parameters.

The footswitch is connected to the computer by means of USB Interface (to Neuro-MEP-Micro it is connected directly) and works as a typical HID-device.


It is recommended to buy the footswitch along with our EMG-systems or in addition to them (if you have already bought our EMG-systems).

Publication date: April 17, 2007

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Updated 17.04.2007
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