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The training course of “Clinical Electroneuromyography” was organized in Varna city (Bulgaria) once again. The course duration was 5 days. The number of participants made 40 persons. The course was organized under the aegis of Bulgarian Physician's Union. The accreditation level was 27 points.

Among the lecturers there were the leading specialists in electromyography:

  • D. Minchev, Professor – Head of the 2nd Neurology Clinic, University Hospital, Varna city;
  • S. Novachkova, Associate Professor – Chief of EMG-laboratory, University Hospital, Sofia city;
  • Sergey Nikolayev, Candidate of Medical Science – neurophysiologist, Vladimir city;
  • Ivan Lisichkov, Doctor – neurologist in multifield hospital, Ruse city.

4 master classes and 8 hours of individual training on EMG-devices of Neurosoft Company were given during the course. The presentation of new software for EMG aroused particular interest among the participants.

High practical value of the received information, which is used daily by practicing neurologists, was also mentioned.

The participants sincerely thanked the organizers for support in getting new knowledge and improving practical skills.


Publication date: March 12, 2007

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