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The 8th Congress of the Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology which took place from 22 June up to 24 June in Kielce city (Poland) is finished.

Several hundred of neurophysiologists from all the cities of Poland took part in the conference. The scientific program included the meetings devoted to all the aspects of neurophysiology: EEG, evoked potentials, magnetic stimulation, polysomnography, electroneuromyography.

Before this congress, our digital systems were known very few in Poland. However the production of Neurosoft Company was mentioned in some statements on the congress. In particular, it was mentioned in the report of doctor R. Kinalski devoted to interhemispheric asymmetry of the N20о subcomponent latency.

The production of Neurosoft Company was presented on the stand of Enpol Company, one of the most well-known and competent suppliers of the neurophysiological equipment in Poland. It was the first public representation of the production of our company in front of the Polish audience. And it proved that the digital systems manufactured by Neurosoft Company can operate perfectly in Poland.

We would like to thank our Polish colleagues from Enpol Company for the effective cooperation and help.


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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