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From 20 up to 24 February the 3rd International intensive course of clinical EMG took place in Varna city (Bulgaria). More than 60 specialists in electromyography from Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Romania participated in this course.

The course was organized under the aegis of Bulgarian Physician's Union. The participants were given 46 points according to European system for postgraduate qualification.

The course was organized together with Ilan Company (Bulgaria), Neurosoft Company (Russia) and pharmaceutical giant Novartis. The main parts of this course were the reports of S.G. Nickolaev, M.D. and his master-classes. The Bulgarian contribution to this course was the lectures of leading specialist in electromyography from Institute of Doctor's Improvement (Sofia city) S. Novachkova, senior lecturer, M.D.


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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