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At 11 October, the “Soyuz TMA-6” spacecraft with participants of 11th expedition on ISS Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips and the participant of the space flight Gregory Olsen landed to Earth.

The following program was performed:

10.10.2005 [22:44]

The closing of the transfer hatches between ISS and spacecraft “Soyuz”

11.10.2005 [01:43]

Undocking of ISS and spacecraft “Soyuz”

11.10.2005 [04:18]

Burn for braking

11.10.2005 [04:23]

Engine cutoff

11.10.2005 [04:43]

Spacecraft compartitioning

11.10.2005 [04:46]

Landing module aerocapture

11.10.2005 [04:54]

Parachute drop

11.10.2005 [05:09]

Landing near Arkalik city (Kazakhstan) (90 km north)

The service for search and saving detected the landing module before its touching-down. Just after the landing, the crew left the module and it was escorted to the medical tents pitched near the place of landing. The ECG checkup of Gregory Olsen with the use of Poly-Spectrum digital ECG system manufactured by Neurosoft Company was performed. These data were transferred to MCC by the satellite communication channel provided by the specialists of General Telecom JSC. At 6:15 these data were received by MCC medical group. The electrocardiogram analysis confirmed that the cosmonaut feels good.

Neurosoft Company thanks the specialists of MCC, CTC and General Telecom Company for help.



Mission Control Center


Satellite communication equipment

The cosmonauts are brought to medical tent

The helicopters of service for search and saving transport the cosmonaunts to Arkalik city

Publication date: February 6, 2007

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