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The 3rd European Congress “Achievements in Space Medicine into Healthcare Practice and Industry” was held in Berlin (Germany) in Russisches Haus Der Wissenschaft Und Kultur from 26 up to 30 September, 2005. Neurosoft Company took part in this conference very actively. The Company representatives demonstrated its new equipment. It is a unique complex “Reserv” — apparatus for examinations and control of cosmonauts' state of health during the trainings, before and after flights. This complex was created by specialists both from Neurosoft Company and Institute of Biomedical Problems (Moscow, Russia). The head of this project is a very famous Russian scientist, professor R.M. Baevsky.

A wide range of interesting questions concerning the Space medicine and the achievements in this area, and also the possibilities of these achievements use in the civil healthcare and social interests were discussed by the colleagues from Russia, Germany and the USA. All the participants have agreed that such high-tech developments in Space medicine should be used not only for military, but also for the civil countries’ security.


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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