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High-speed train Moscow-Kiev started its regular traffic from 1, August. The average speed of train is about 140 kilometers per hour, and it allows him to cover all the way for 9 hours.

The train is equipped by the newest communication and safety system developed by General Telecom Company. One of the tasks solved by the system is the provision of passengers by means of emergency diagnostics and medical aid.

During the first trip the specialists of General Telecom Company made an experiment of digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum use as a part of the above-mentioned complex. Due to satellite communication availability in this train, ECG data can be sent to diagnostic center. The qualified doctors of the center will make interpretation concerning patient state and send back the recommendation of the first aid rendering.

Neurosoft Company thanks General Telecom Company ( for the given information.


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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Updated 06.02.2007
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