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The modification of Spiro-Spectrum spirometer construction.

Now the delivery set includes new flow converters. In contrast to the previous variant they are demountable which makes their cleaning and disinfection easier. Besides more tough, shockproof and chemical-resistant material was used for the construction.

New construction of the flow converter includes (see picture):

  • two flanges (parts of the flow converter case) (1)
  • two rubber ring gaskets (2)
  • replaceable grid (3)
  • two semiring clamps fastening the whole construction (4)

The materials for flow converters are proof against most of the disinfectants, and the replaceable grids can stand the boiling in water and soda solution. The sufficient amount of the spare parts (replaceable grid, ring gaskets and semiring clamps) provide the long-term operation of the system without any additional purchases of equipment.

Ten flow converters supplied with the device are quite enough for convenient operation with any number of patients. We recommend you to divide the set of flow converters into two parts, while the first one is disinfected, the other can be used in mass checkups. When mass checkups carrying out it is preferable to take only an expiration through the device and replace only a mouthpiece after each patient.

Publication date: February 6, 2007

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Updated 06.02.2007
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