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The landing module of Soyuz spaceship with three cosmonauts on board touched down at the given area of Kazakhstan not far from Arkalyk city. "Russian Salizhan Sharipov, American Leroy Chiao and Italian Roberto Vittori returned to Earth" says

The mission duration of Salizhan Sharipov and Leroy Chiao was 192 days and 19 hours, as for Roberto Vittori – 9 days and 21 hours.

Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov, photo from NASA site.

Neurosoft Company thanks all the project participants for the cooperation and given information. We express our special gratitude to:

  • deputy chief of department of Cosmonaut Training for Surviving in Different Natural and Climatic Regions in Case of Emergency Landing, the colonel, Nickolay Filatov;
  • head cardiologist of Regional Public Health Department of Voronezh region, Roman Hohlov;
  • Neurosoft Company member, Alexander Altinchurin.

25.04.2005 [07:38]

ECG analysis results are transmitted from Interterrritorial Cardiological Center (Voronezh city) to Mission Control Center (Korolev city).

25.04.2005 [04:11]

ECG records are given for analysis to Interterrritorial Cardiological Center operating on the base of Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital ?1. The analysis will be carried out by the head cardiologist of Regional Public Health Department of Voronezh region, Roman Hohlov.

25.04.2005 [04:05]

Using the satellite communication channel, Mission Control Center got ECG record of Salizhan Sharipov. All the crew members feel well.

ECG registration of ISS-10 crew members was done just after the landing using Neurosoft Company equipment.

25.04.2005 [02:07]

Touch-down of the landing module in 90 km north of Arkalyk city. The area in the place of landing was impounded and the crew was evacuated in Arkalyk city.

25.04.2005 [01:52]

Parachute opening.

25.04.2005 [01:44]

Landing module re-entry.

25.04.2005 [01:41]

Landing module compartitioning.

25.04.2005 [01:16]

Burn for braking.

25.04.2005 [22:38] - [22:41]


Publication date: February 6, 2007

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