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From 2000 year Neurosoft Company cooperates with Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center. The engineers of the Company and specialists of the Center jointly developed the system for ECG transmission by the radio channel. The Neurosoft Company equipment is used during different cosmonauts’ trainings, for medical examinations of the crews after the landing.

In 2002 Neurosoft company was awarded a diploma of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center for effective cooperation on behalf of Russian and international cosmonautics.

The Special Parachute Training of Cosmonauts

The cosmonauts' special parachute training (CSPT) is conducted not only for obtaining the skills of parachute jump but mainly for study of their organisms and psyches response to stress. The modeling factor of stress in this case is the parachute jump. The system of ECG signal transfer by radio channel was applied for the study of organism response of the cosmonaut during the CSPT. The signal was transmitted from the altitude up to 3 km. The equipment of our Company was applied during the trainings in Ivanovo (2002 year), Tambov (2003 year) and Novosibirsk (2004 year). In a result the unique data about the processes occurring in the parachutist’s organism during the parachute jump were received.


Besides, at the moment Neurosoft and Cosmonauts Training Center specialists develop an absolutely new system for the parachute trainings. Using it, the trainer will gain the opportunity to assess the ability of training participant to solve different tasks during the parachute jump, estimate the parachutist’s state by many physiological and psychophysiological parameters and also see the same picture as the parachutist do in the real-time operation mode.

The Trainings for Surviving

One of the important directions of Cosmonauts Training Center activity is the cosmonauts' training in landing in different natural and climatic conditions. The training of cosmonauts in surviving in winter forest, sea and desert conditions take place. During the training the crews should gain and apply the skills allowing them to survive in those cases when the landing is done in the non-standard mode and the recovery team can not find the crew for a long time.

The Sea Trainings

During this kind of training the situation when the landing module alights in the water is modeled. The crew is required to leave the landing module in the shortest possible time, unfold the air raft and give the SOS signal.

During the sea training of 2001 year which took place on the Black Sea in Sevastopol region, the system for ECG transmission by the radio channel allowed receiving the medical information during this training.

The Winter Trainings

The purpose of this kind of training is the mastering of acquired skills and knowledge, which allow to survive in the winter conditions. The crew landing in the winter forest is imitated during the training. The cosmonauts should get out of the landing module, put on warm clothes, make a fire, build a cover and wait for the arriving of rescue party for three days.


In 2005 year the winter training was carried out not far from Moscow. Neurosoft Company devices were used there for the crew state study before and after training. Besides, the testing of the system for ECG transfer by GPRS technology was done.

The Desert Trainings

In July 2004 after the long interval the desert training for surviving of the candidate cosmonauts were resumed. The crew objective is to get out the rescue apparatus, give the SOS signal and wait for help. The doctors watched the experiment participants in the real-time operation mode. The special sensors transferring the signal to the monitors of medical center were fixed on the body of each experiment participant.

The Cosmonauts' Checkup after Landing

The set of medical checkups carried out right after the landing module alighting includes heart rate variability analysis using the equipment and software of Neurosoft Company. The Neurosoft Company equipment was used for crew landings of ISS-8 (30 April, 2004), ISS-7 (28 October, 2003), ISS-5 (17 November, 2002). During the next landing of ISS in April, 2005 the specialists of Neurosoft Company and Cosmonauts Training Center will carry out the unique experiment for transfer of medical data by satellite communication channel from the place of landing.

The Studies in Anechoic Chamber

In March 2004 during the several weeks in Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center the studies of neuropsychic stability in the conditions of controllable ecological infomedia were conducted. The candidate stayed in the anechoic chamber during the long-term period (5 days). The devices of Neurosoft Company: digital neurophysiological system for EEG and EP Neuron-Spectrum-4 with the video monitoring system Neuron-Spectrum-Video, system for psychophysiological testing NS-PsychoTest and the system for physiological signals transmission by radio channel Poly-Spectrum-Radio were used during this study.

Publication date: February 6, 2007

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