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The regular winter training of cosmonauts for surviving in the forest conditions took place from 9 February up to 11 February. Traditionally this kind of training is carried out not far from Moscow.

Russian cosmonauts Fedor Urchihin, Oleg Kotov and also American cosmonaut John M. Grunsfeld participate in these trainings.

11.02.2005 [15:45]

Interterrritorial Cardiological Center operating on the base of Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital №1 was engaged in the analysis of the data sent from the place of training by GPRS channel. Roman Hohlov, the head cardiologist of Regional Public Health Department of Voronezh region provides consultations. All ECG are transferred for analysis by the special teleconsultation service which operates on the cardiological center site:

11.02.2005 [11:50]

N. Filatov carries out the medical checkups of the crew.

Fedor Urchihin passes HRV analysis.

11.02.2005 [09:30]

The cosmonauts contacted with the helicopter crew and got the instructions to go to the alighting area. At the time of crew transfer, Oleg Kotov got the conditional trauma, it was the right crus fracture. The cosmonauts Urchihin and Grunsfeld rendered the first aid to the victim and helped him to get to the helicopter. That was the end of the training.

The crew leaves the landing module alighting area.


The crew leaves the landing module alighting area.


Oleg Kotov got the conditional trauma.


John Grunsfeld is rendering the first aid to the victim.


Oleg Kotov is with splint and crutches.


The American astronaut is giving the signal to the helicopter.


The training is over.

10.02.2005 [21:30]

The cosmonauts were discovered by the conditional helicopter. The signal lights and flares were used to attract the attention of the helicopter crew. As a result the cosmonauts were advised to go to the place of the helicopter alighting area on foot early in the morning.

Second night of surviving.


Signal light.

10.02.2005 [17:09]

The cosmonauts have finished the cover building, the wigwam. The construction consists of the wooden poles cut in the alighting area and parachute of the landing module.

Wigwam entrance. Fedor Urchihin is at the entrance, at the left is John Grunsfeld.


Fedor Urchihin (at the left) and Oleg Kotov are carrying the logs for the fire.


The cosmonauts are near the wigwam.


Wigwam and the landing module.

10.02.2005 [11:47]

From the very morning the cosmonauts started the building of wigwam.

Grunsfeld and Urchihin are near the fire.



10.02.2005 [09:15]

In today’s news of RTR channel "" is published the news which is called "The astronauts are trying to survive in the forest not far from Moscow".

09.02.2005 [22:15]

For the first night the crew built the temporary shed cover.

09.02.2005 [22:00]

The interview with the head of these trainings, colonel Nickolay Filatov was broadcasted by ORT and RTR channels.

09.02.2005 [17:24]

The testing of Poly-Spectrum-GPRS system was carried out during these trainings for the possibility of its using in such situations by the Cosmonauts Training Center.

The first electrocardiogram has just been transferred into our consultation center located on the base of our Company in Ivanovo. The ECG is registered from one of the support group members, proving the training.

Electrocardiogram transferred by GPRS from the place of training.

09.02.2005 [16:08]

The news "The astronauts from USA and Europe try their strength in the Russian winter forest" is published on the official site of the "First channel".

09.02.2005 [13:00]

The module has made the conditional emergency landing in the forest, the cosmonauts have left the module and started surviving.

09.02.2005 [12:03]

Now the cosmonauts are making the conditional emergency landing. Their aim is to survive in the forest conditions for 48 hours using only things from the landing module and the material found in the forest.

Near the landing module.


Let’s climb inside.

09.02.2005 [11:34]

The last instructions are given to the training participants.

Space suits are put on.

09.02.2005 [11:20]

The cosmonauts are putting their space suits and then they will go to the landing module which is in the forest.

Oleg Kotov is putting his space suit.

09.02.2005 [10:20]

Before the training the cosmonauts were conditionally tested. For this purpose our equipment, the ECG systems Poly-Spectrum with breath rate analysis software, was used.

Orthostatic test is carried out on American astronaut John Grunsfeld.


American astronaut John Grunsfeld.


Fedor Urchihin passes HRV checkup.


The preparation to the checkup.


The preparation to the checkup.


The cosmonaut Oleg Kotov (orthostatic test).


The head of training N. Filatov and the cosmonaut Oleg Kotov.


The instructions.

Publication date: February 6, 2007

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