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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator

Main Features:

  • high power monophasic pulse;
  • extremely low electromagnetic interference;
  • big color screen and easy-click wheel to control parameters;
  • two configurations for single pulse and paired pulse;
  • connection to computer via USB port.


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High Power Monophasic Pulse

Thanks to 2800 V capacitor, which is 60% more powerful than our previous generation capacitor, Neuro-MS fires more powerful monophasic pulses. This leads to good motor response at low intensities.

Extremely Low Electromagnetic Interference

Neuro-MS is designed to be used for clinical practice and research. While TMS can induce a strong electrical field, this device has a very low electromagnetic interference even during charge and discharge. Thus, you can use it during EEG or ERP recordings. The magnetic stimulator can operate with EMG recorders of most manufacturers (through trig in/out sockets). However maximum diagnostic capabilities can be achieved if the device is used together with Neurosoft digital systems. Neuro-MEP.NETomega software supplied with Neurosoft neurophysiological systems like Skybox for example, ensures predefined templates for wide range of TMS tests:

  • motor evoked potentials (MEP);
  • central motor conduction time (CMCT);
  • silent period (SP);
  • intracortical (ICI) and interhemispheric inhibition (IHI);
  • intracortical (ICF) and interhemispheric (IHF) facilitation;
  • triple stimulation test (TST);
  • stimulation of phrenic nerve to study the diaphragm response.

Big Color Screen and Easy-Click Wheel to Control Parameters

All stimulation parameters are displayed at bright and sharp color built-in screen. Easy-click wheel helps to set the intensity, frequency and other parameters in a matter of seconds. Neuro-MS comes with a new set of coils that have additional controls. Right on a coil you can increase or decrease the pulse intensity and trig a pulse.

Two Configurations for Single Pulse and Paired Pulse

Magnetic stimulator comes in two configurations: for single pulse stimulation and for paired pulse stimulation (ppTMS). Paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation has been shown to be a useful tool for examining the excitability of inhibitory and excitatory interactions in human motor cortex.

Connection to Computer via USB Port

Neuro-MS, as our other TMS systems, can be used together with neurophysiological systems made by Neurosoft. Just connect the magnetic stimulator to the computer with installed EMG or EEG software via USB port. No additional sync cables needed. Neurosoft produces both professional EMG/NCS and TMS machines. It means that integration between TMS and EMG can be done at very deep level. EMG software can completely control all parameters of magnetic stimulator.

  • As a psychiatrist who does a lot of TMS treatments, I was interested when I found out that the NeuroSoft TMS system was FDA cleared. When I looked into it I found that it was the NeuroSoft TMS system which I was first introduced to in Singapore in 2015. I saw it demonstrated at every conference since that time but I did not appreciate it until I considered purchasing the system. The price is the most obvious attractive feature. It is not only about $10,000 less then the nearest competitor, but its performance matches and even exceeds some of the other TMS systems currently on the market. When my unit arrived and Fred showed me how it worked I was amazed at how simple it was. We can train our technicians on this machine in about a minute. The movement of the coil holder is smooth and fluid. This system runs very cool even when treatments are back to back for several hours. We have had no problem overheating. This NeuroSoft TMS system is a superb choice. We have seen equal results with it and have no complaints from patients or technicians. I can recommend this system highly

  • We bought a NeuroSoft system few months ago and this is our first TMS machine. We are very pleased with it so far. It gives us flexibility to perform wide range of treatments. No complaints from patients or technicians. Very easy to learn. We especially appreciate the smoothness of its work and the integration with the Neuro-MS.NET software. Many important treatment protocols for wide variety diagnoses are preconfigured in the software. As soon as you do a measurement the right algorithm takes place. You can do back to back treatments without machine being overheated. Synthetic oil cooling is a great solution! The machine is very quiet. The placement of a coil is very flexible, you have the freedom to choose the location very precise and perform focused and localized treatment. The price of the system is also very attractive compare to all other machines on the market. I would recommend this system to any TMS provider. We think this is the best TMS package out there as of yet

  • Neurosoft beats the competition in many ways, including ease of use, great interface, and equipped with software containing automated protocols. The team is outstanding with personalized service!

  • The NeuroSoft rTMS system is well built, easy to maneuver around the exam room, and is quieter than a formally used rTMS system. The software interface is very user friendly with nice nearly-automated patient treatment reports. We find it be a good value