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12-channel Miniature Digital ECG System for Routine ECG Testing

Main Features:

  • 12 high-quality standard ECG leads
  • high-quality ECG recording under any conditions
  • detection of pacemaker pulses
  • Poly-Spectrum.NET/Express software for ECG recording and printing (base delivery set)
  • 5 additional software modules

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12 high-quality standard ECG leads

Poly-Spectrum-8 is the ECG system which is a mobile phone in size. It enables a simultaneous recording from 1 to 12 ECG leads. You just have to connect it to USB port of your PC.

High-quality ECG recording under any conditions

Poly-Spectrum-8 digitizes ECG with high sampling rate. It has the system of hardware compensation of patient cable capacitance change, caused by its movements, and a set of powerful digital filters. All these features enable to record high-quality ECG under any conditions.

Detection of pacemaker pulses

Built-in pacemaker pulse detector enables to perform examinations of patients with implanted pacemakers and to carry out exercise and electrophysiological tests using transesophageal cardiac stimulation.

Poly-Spectrum.NET/Express software for ECG recording and printing (base delivery set)

Poly-Spectrum.NET/Express is an easy and user-friendly software for ECG recording, printing and reviewing. It ensures easy workflow and allows using it for routine exams.

5 additional software modules

The unit enables to use additional software modules: ECG measurement and interpretation software Poly-Spectrum.NET/Analysis; heart rate variability analysis software Poly-Spectrum.NET/Rhythm, which is intended for the study of autonomic nervous system impact on heart, as well as for analysis of arrhythmias by the correlation rhythmography method; the Q-T interval dispersion analysis software Poly-Spectrum.NET/QT; the ventricular late potentials recording and analysis software Poly-Spectrum.NET/VLP; and the exercise stress testing software Poly-Spectrum.NET/Ergo.

The support of H7 interface allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems to information system of clinics.
  • Poly-Spectrum-Analysis
    ECG Automatic Measurement and Interpretation Software
  • Poly-Spectrum-PWV
    Software and Equipment for Registration and Analysis of Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)