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Software for ECG Recording and Analysis on Communicator or Pocket PC

Main Features:

  • Full-scale 12-channel ECG recording on the communicator or Pocket PC
  • High quality of recording
  • ECG measurement and interpretation
  • Heart rate variability analysis
  • Bluetooth interface to connect digital ECG system to communicator or Pocket PC
  • Recording duration limited only by communicator or Pocket PC memory capacity
  • Transfer of recorded ECG to any computer connected to Internet with the use of GPRS technology for GSM networks and other technologies for 3G networks

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  • Organization of medical consultations for the remote first-aid stations or the mobile medical teams
  • Ambulatory ECG recording and analysis
  • Equipping of doctors from tourist and expedition groups

Poly-Spectrum-Mobile Features

Full-scale 12-Channel ECG Recording on Communicator or Pocket PC

At the use of Poly-Spectrum-8/EX wireless digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum-Mobile software allows performing ECG studies on the communicator or Pocket PC with the same quality as on the desktop PC-based computers. Simultaneously one can record all 12 standard ECG leads.

Recommended Delivery Set

 for ECG Transmission:

  • Communicator with Bluetooth interface and Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher operating system
  • Poly-Spectrum-Mobile software
  • Poly-Spectrum-8/EX digital ECG system

for ECG Receiving:

  • Desktop or notebook PC-based system connected to Internet
  • Poly-Spectrum software with Poly-Spectrum-Analysis option for ECG measurement and interpretation